What is Yellow Gold?

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Pure gold is slightly reddish in color. And since pure gold is too soft, other metals are added to make it harder. It will also reduce the unit price of gold.

The metals that are added to the gold alloy will change its color. For example, silver will make the color of the gold alloy pale yellow or light yellow.

To make yellow gold or dark yellow gold, jewelry makers add copper and silver. The following are some common yellow gold alloys:

  • 18K yellow gold: 75% gold, 12.5% copper, 12.5% silver
  • 18K yellow (darker) gold: 75% gold, 15% copper, 10% silver

Yellow gold looks more like gold than white gold or rose gold. This is a more natural color for gold. The purity of the yellow gold is expressed as any other gold alloy, using Karats. Yellow gold has 10K, 14K, and 18K alloys.

Yellow gold is a little softer than white gold and may scratch or bend. You can always polish to remove the scratches. But over time as a result of polishing your jewelry items will lose some weight and it will reduce its price.

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