Topaz Gemstone Jewelry Information

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What is Topaz stone?

Topaz is a silicate mineral of aluminum and fluorine. Topaz is a naturally occurring gemstone. It is one of the hardest minerals and the hardest of any silicate mineral. The hardness of Topaz based on Mohs hardness scale is 8. That means it is harder than most gemstones.

It is transparent and brilliant, and could be found in many different colors. These properties combined with its hardness makes it a good option for jewelry. It is widely used in the jewelry industry. White Topaz is a very good alternative to diamonds.

In its natural state when untreated it is golden brown to yellow. And when it is free of impurities, Topaz is colorless and transparent.

White Topaz is one of the cheapest types of Topaz. It is much cheaper than various other stones such as Diamond, Ruby, and Emerald.

Topaz comes in various colors like green, blue, brown, yellow, orange, pink, red, etc. Natural pink and blue topaz are rare and have the highest value. Colorless and blue Topaz are more common. And they are low priced gems.

White Topaz vs Diamond

Diamonds are extremely hard and durable. Based on the Mohs mineral hardness scale, diamond’s hardness is 10. That means it will not break or scratch.

Diamonds have a sparkle and brightness that makes them unique. And since they are extremely hard, they will not scratch or break. Their sparkle will last forever. Diamonds are extremely durable. They are the perfect gemstone for daily wear. And are the best option for engagement rings.

Topaz is not as hard as diamonds. A diamond is 6-8 times harder than a Topaz. Thus Topaz can break or accumulate scratches.

When they are free from scratches, they have sparkle and brilliance. But over time and with daily use, they get more and more small scratches and lose their sparkle.

White Topaz is still harder than most other gems. It is the best alternative to diamonds when low price is important.

Size of Gemstones

Large diamonds are very rare and the price of diamonds increases dramatically with size. The price of a 2-carat diamond is much higher than four half carat diamonds. For diamonds the price increase is exponential.

But for Topaz the large size does not increase its value that much. Since Topaz is not as hard as diamond, larger Topaz stones are more prone to breaking and scratches. Thus small to medium size Topaz stones are preferred.

Price of Gems

Diamonds are much more expensive than White Topaz. That is the reason White Topaz is a low priced alternative to diamond.

The reason Topaz is cheap first of all is that it is not as hard as diamonds. Also, it is abundant in nature. That is the reason you can’t find lab-created Topaz. It will not be worth it to create a Topaz in a lab.


Topaz could be heat-treated or irradiated or surface coated. For example, many brown or pale topazes are treated. And this treatment makes them bright yellow, gold, pink or violet colored. These treated Topaz stones when exposed to sunlight for an extended period, can fade.

Mystic Topaz Gems

Mystic topaz is a colorless topaz at first. Which is then artificially surface coated in a vapor deposition process. This surface coating gives it a rainbow effect on its surface.

Topaz Stone Quality

Like a diamond, properties of a Topaz affect its price. The most important properties of a Topaz are its cut, color, clarity, and size.

A Topaz can have inclusions or impurities. Some of these inclusions are hard to see with naked eyes.

Should you buy Topaz or diamonds

If durability and sparkle of the stone is very important for you, then the only option is diamonds. Diamonds are the hardest and the most durable gemstone.

Price is one of the most important factors when buying jewelry. You may not want to spend thousands of dollars on a piece of jewelry. Diamond is very expensive.

You may want a low price stone and durability may not be very critical. Then you should consider buying a White Topaz instead of a diamond.

If you can take care of your jewelry and protect it from breaking or scratches, then a Topaz stone is the best option. When well protected it can keep its sparkle and brilliance for a very long time.

You can choose Topaz for jewelry items that are not frequently used.

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