Things You Didn’t Know About Charm Bracelets

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For centuries, charms have been used as a medium for superstition, religious beliefs, and fashion.

The ancient Egyptians first used charm amulets to gain the favor of the gods and to get a passage into the afterlife. Later, charms were used to ward off evil forces and were also used to curse enemies.

It was in the Victorian period that charms grew out of their traditional image of spiritual and superstitious objects.

Queen Victoria of England started wearing charm bracelets as a fashion accessory. And started a trend that has continued through the ages.

It is said that Queen Victoria wore a charm bracelet of small lockets. These lockets contained the photographs of her family. Until that period in history, jewelry was characterized by bulky ornaments made of gold, silver, diamonds and rare gems. But, the quaint charm bracelets revolutionized the concept of jewelry with their delicate and artistic appearance.

Charm bracelets received a sudden revival during the World War periods. Soldiers on their way home picked up charm bracelets for their near and dear ones, as souvenirs from the lands they had visited. The wars came to an end, but the concept of charm bracelets continued.

Are charm bracelets still popular?

Today, charm bracelets are extremely popular, especially among girls in their teens. They are not restricted any longer to the upper strata of society as was the case earlier.

Charm bracelets come in a variety of shapes and sizes. And you can wear them as casual jewelry or for formal occasions, depending on their style.

Charm bracelets contain anything from animals and flowers to zodiac signs and birthstones. And it makes them a great gift item for any occasion.

In most cases, the charms are easily interchangeable on the bracelet. So one can suit their own mood or special occasion. With their quaint and delicate appearance, intricate beauty and magical aura, charm bracelets are sure to fill one’s life with style and excitement.

Which Charms are Great For Gifts?

WellÂ… really, all of them! Charms that are especially popular are, in no particular order:

  1. Heart charms
  2. Ribbon (esp. pink ribbon) charms
  3. American flag charms
  4. Flowers charms
  5. Family and I love my kids-type charms
  6. Birthstones charms
  7. Various words and phrases charms like “DREAM”, “Family of 5”, “Child of GOD”, etc.
  8. Religious charms, like crosses, etc.

As you can see, the possibilities are only limited by your imagination!

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