The Pros and Cons of Shopping Jewelry on Amazon

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Jewelry items are the most important things a girl owns. Every girl is willing to spend a lot of time shopping jewelry items. Going from one jewelry shop to another.

Online shopping becomes more and more popular. People search for any kind of items they need on Google and other search engines. The eCommerce will have huge growth in the coming years.

Online jewelry shopping is becoming more common. People start to trust jewelry companies that sell their jewelry items online.

If they can search for thousands of jewelry items and buy the ones they like from the comfort of their home, why not do it. It makes life easier for girls to get their favorite pieces of jewelry with the click of a button.

Amazon is the leading eCommerce giant. It is the A to Z shopping platform. People buy and sell anything you can imagine, on Amazon.

Buying books, shoes, or clothes on Amazon is something that most of the people do today. But what about jewelry? Can we trust the many jewelry items that are sold there?

Is it safe to buy gold jewelry on Amazon?

Here we provide the pros and cons of shopping jewelry items on Amazon.

The pros of shopping jewelry items on Amazon

Amazon can be a great place to shop for jewelry items. Let’s go through the reasons why we should go jewelry shopping on Amazon.

Many options to choose from

Going to a physical store provides you with some options on jewelry items. But it doesn’t compare to a huge number of different kinds of jewelry items available on Amazon. You can search and find exactly the jewelry that you need. Plus you can check different jewelry companies selling on Amazon. Each one has their unique design style.

Best Return or Refund Policy

Amazon has one of the most customer-friendly return policies in the eCommerce world. They make their return and refund policy easy to understand and easy to access.

You don’t need to contact their support team for simple queries. Their website takes you through different steps and helps you return the item. They extend their free return policy to more and more items each day. Just click on “Returns and Replacements” link and you are taken care of.

They have a reasonable return policy and take responsibility for third party sellers. They offer a money-back guarantee for jewelry purchases. If you are not satisfied, return it for a full refund.

Quality of the Jewelry Items

Amazon has strict rules and guidelines on quality. They ask sellers to provide accurate specifications for their jewelry products.

Especially for jewelry, they have specific guidelines. The seller should provide accurate specifications, certificates, metal stamps and so on. You should read the specifications table for the product. If you know the terms like “14k yellow gold” vs “yellow gold plated”, you will get amazing pieces of jewelry. And at the lowest price.

Lowest Prices

Amazon competes on price with every other eCommerce platform and local businesses. Their goal is to offer the lowest possible price. That is the reason they are so successful. They will wreck many businesses.

You can be sure you get the lowest price for any kind of product you buy on Amazon, including jewelry. Do you think the item is not as described? You can return and get your money back. So it is safe to buy from them.

Plus with Amazon Prime, you get free returns.

Fastest Shipping

If you are going to go online shopping, you need to consider shipping time. You may want to order something for a birthday or Christmas or any other occasion. And you want to make sure you receive it on time. Otherwise, it will be useless.

Amazon has same-day shipping with Amazon Prime. You can be sure that you get the fastest shipping with Amazon. And your orders will always arrive at the time you need them.

The cons of shopping jewelry on Amazon

So far it may seem to you to be safe and easy to buy jewelry on Amazon. So let’s do it. But wait.

Let’s look at the other side of the coin. Online jewelry shopping has its problems. You must know about them so that you don’t regret your jewelry shopping experience. Let’s review the problems you face if you shop jewelry on Amazon.

Misleading product descriptions

Amazon can be the worst place to buy jewelry online. That is because you will face many vague product titles and descriptions. In most cases, these are intentionally crafted to trick people into buying.

You will be tricked by misleading words and phrases like “Champagne Diamond”. This is a low price diamond that no one buys. Or phrases like “yellow gold” which can refer to the color of the item and not its metal type.

Also phrases like “gold plated”. This actually means a thin layer of gold covers the surface of the jewelry. But the actual metal can be silver. Or something cheaper.

Created diamond means lab-created diamonds. It is not natural and its price is much lower than natural diamonds. And when you sell it, no jeweler will buy it from you. You will have to sell it online at a fraction of the price you paid for it in the first place.

Not enough information

Even if the product descriptions and titles were not misleading, you would need someone to tell you what those technical terms mean.

You need to know whether it is good or bad for you. Why you should buy 14k gold vs 18k gold or vice versa.

In a local jewelry store, you can ask as many questions as you want and choose your favorite jewelry item.

Fake Photos

Sellers on Amazon use stock photos instead of actual product photos. A diamond with I2 clarity may look sparkling and glowing. But in reality, an I2 diamond is not very clear and sparkling.

Also, the size of the item may look bigger than it actually is.

Fake Reviews

Sellers can buy fake reviews. They post on social media channels and ask people to buy their items and then give it a five-star rating. In return, they will refund the money back after getting the review. Now their review is from a verified sale, but at the same time fake.

If you see an item with 3 five-star reviews, for example, it is possible that all three reviews are fake. You should trust them only if you see an item with many reviews. So many reviews that you can almost be certain than the seller can’t buy them.

It also depends on the price. For an expensive item, even 10 reviews could be genuine. Because the seller will not give away 10 expensive products to get good reviews. But still, some of them may be fake.

After Sales Services

If you buy from a local jewelry store, you will get after-sales services. After-sales services include jewelry cleaning, fixing defects, or resizing.

But all these services are non-existent when you buy jewelry online. It can cost you a lot if you resize a ring that does not fit your finger.


With all the pros and cons reviewed so far, Amazon is a great place to buy jewelry online. You can get amazing jewelry items at the lowest price. All you need to do is to make educated decisions.

Understand product description and read product specifications table. Search online to educate yourself on the technical terms and any misleading words and phrases.

Don’t rely on product photos. The product specifications table can give you a better idea of how the product actually is. Like size, cut, clarity, metal stamp and so on.

For diamonds make sure it has GIA, AGS or IGI certificates. Visit the vendor website if provided and research about them. You can ask for a diamond lab report to make sure it is certified.

Amazon buyer protection makes online jewelry shopping safe. You can return the item if it is not according to description and specs.

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