Diamond Cuts

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The diamond cut is the notches or grooves cut into the jewelry item’s metal. The jewelers cut them with their chisel. Its a type of finish on the metal.

The diamond-cut is a trick to make the jewelry metal shine and glisten. It reflects the light and makes the piece of jewelry look polished. That is the main reason for using diamond cuts. It makes the jewelry item look more beautiful.

The diamond cut and plain cut jewelry items will look different when the item is larger or wider. For small pieces of jewelry, there is no difference in look if it is a diamond cut or plain cut. For chains, the difference will show up when the width of the chain is more than 2.5 mm. If the chain is thinner than that the plain and diamond-cut will almost look the same.

Diamond cuts may cause friction with clothing. Some clothing will grab the jewelry item and it may cause inconvenience.

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