Best Ross-Simons’ Gold Bracelets

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Gold bracelets are beautiful and elegant. They last a very long on the scale of times. They don’t ever lose their color. These bracelets are carved with care and with beautiful designs inculcated in the making. It is difficult to find such products for gifting on important occasions.

The bracelets are convenient and are certified from the respective organizations to give their certificate of authenticity. And can be delivered to your doorstep through the click of a button.

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Ross-Simons Gold Byzantine Bracelet

Are you looking for the perfect casual wearing bracelet which will surely last you a long time? That preserves the essence of beauty and simplicity. This bracelet has a beautiful shiny exterior with a total weight of 2.8 grams.

The bracelet is a slimming one for sure, which has a full width of 3mm. The length, in this case, can be chosen between two numbers 7.0-8.0. Both of these numbers have different prices since they have different ratios of gold used. A point also to be considered is the fact that these are not gold plated metal bracelets, but these are solid 14k gold bracelets.

The clasps at the end are lobster claw clasps, which are easy to use and do provide a good hold on the arms.

The slimming figure on these bracelets makes it easier to pair up with different bracelets.


  • Easy to pair up with different bracelets
  • Suitable for any occasion and are beautiful for casual wear
  • The bracelet is elegant and straightforward.


  • There are complaints of the gold being mixed with different metals, containing impurities.
  • The bracelets are known to be very brittle.

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As the name suggests, this is a much more put together design. The bracelet has made with the links that are closer than other bracelets. These bracelets are designed in Italy and are beautifully polished to shine like no other. These are also presented with a 30day return policy and 100% money back if the customer is not satisfied with their services.

The weight of the bracelet is 3.1 with a length of 7”. This weight counts up for a perfect bracelet that can either be worn alone or with multiple chains or other bracelets.

These are also available in many different metals rather than just 14k yellow gold. These made with sterling silver and 18k gold. Both made with the same design but with the liking of what the customer chooses.


  • These are available in multiple metal settings
  • They are versatile to be worn with other pairs of bracelets but also be worn alone with any other additions
  • They’re proper bracelets with lobster clasps, which are known to be pretty secure


  • Since these are only available in 7 inches, the bracelet maybe a little too tight on some people’s wrists

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This bracelet is also in a linked form. Made with smaller links pressed up to form an entire bracelet. This bracelet is also an 18k yellow gold bracelet. And is a total of 3.8 grams in total.

These are a full length of 7 inches and are suitable for both genders. If the bracelet fits, as they say, this is a rather wife bracelet that can be worn most likely like a separate piece. ¼ inches wide, these are entirely made, and each of the detail in this pattern can be seen separately.

With a polished smooth surface, this allows the buyer to be satisfied with the money spent. These are known to be risk-free items and have a warranty and a money-back guarantee of 30 days after the sale. The jewelry piece can be presented in a beautiful presentation box to be given as a gift prepackaged and needs to be handed out to the recipient.


  • 18k gold bracelet with a beautiful design.
  • It comes with a warranty and a guarantee of money back if the customer is not satisfied.
  • These are directly from Italy and are designed on the highest quality mark of the country.


  • These are not resizable, and this specific bracelet can’t be made with different sorts of metals as the company usually offers.

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Ross-Smith 14k yellow gold chain bracelet

This is a beautiful 14k yellow gold bracelet. This has a cute and classy look to it. The bracelet is perfect for pairing it up with multiple different others, which allow it to add elegance.

The bracelet is 1.4 grams in weight and is 3.25mm long. This is made in a classical rope style, which is ideal for everyday wear and can be worn with traditional dresses as well.

Made from designers in Italy, this bracelet does serve a stunning look and has a unique style. These are crafted with the top quality of the country and are perfect for any occasion when it comes to gifting someone. The slimming design is also suitable for the younger ladies who prefer to style themselves up elegantly.


  • This is a simple style bracelet which is made with 14k yellow gold and has a good warranty.
  • These are made with the highest quality standards and ensure the right quality product.
  • These are perfect for everyday wear.


  • These are lobster clasp bracelets which are rather less secure and may not be very good for rough use.

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Ross-Simons 14k gold bangle bracelet

This is a beautiful bangle bracelet that has a resin inner core for the bangle to be made sturdy and deny resistance.

The entire bracelet is covered in gold and has a thickness of ¼ inches. This is an extremely easy bangle to wear as it has no excessive clasps to hold the ends onto. And is an entirely full bangle, which makes this a protective and not very easy to lose. This is 7.5” in diameter and weighs a total of 8.5 grams.


  • Easy to wear
  • No extra clasps
  • The bangle is thick and persistent while wearing.


  • The bangle is a little thick and heavy
  • Not sold gold. It is made of resin and is covered with a layer of gold

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Final thoughts

All of these 14k gold bangles and bracelets are made with detail and preserving the traditional and modern look of jewelry.

These are excellent products to invest in since these are long-lasting pieces of jewelry.

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