Alexandrite jewelry makes a perfect gift

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When you must make a valuable gift to your girlfriend or future wife the most appropriate one will consist of alexandrite jewelry.

Natural alexandrite is the gemstone used to make veritable alexandrite jewelry. In this article, you can find details about the many qualities of alexandrite jewelry. So you can be sure your gift is a special one.

What makes a natural alexandrite special from the other gemstones is its color-changing property. In a natural or phosphorescent light, the color of this gemstone is emerald-green. And in incandescent light, it has a red or purple color.

Natural alexandrite is not the only stone that changes its color depending on different light sources. But this gemstone has the most radical changes. So one can see why alexandrite jewelry is such a special gift.

There are 3 categories of color change.


In this category, one can find the natural alexandrite which changes the color up to 90%-100%.


This second category has natural alexandrite that changes the color up to 70%-80%.


And finally there is the alexandrite jewelry with 30%-69% color change

Because of its property to change color, natural alexandrite is very appreciated between jewelers, investors, and eccentrics.

Where did alexandrite gemstone come from

Rusia is the country where this gemstone was discovered, near to Ekaterinburg in 1830. And the name alexandrite comes from the Alexander II.

The excavations for natural alexandrite were started in the Ural Mountains. This place was the most important one from which the natural alexandrite reached the Russian jewelers. A lot of people do business with alexandrite. Randy G. Lander is one of them.

She developed a passion for this gemstone and started making alexandrite jewelry in 1994. She continues the tradition of trading like her ancestors, the Khazars.

The Khazars from which she descends used to trade jewelry with many countries using medieval well-known trade routes. This is why Randy G. Lander is the most suitable person to give advice when buying alexandrite jewelry.

There were many beliefs in the past about the therapeutic and magical powers of natural alexandrite. Some doctors used it to heal diseases and this is the reason why alexandrite jewelry used to be very popular.

There was also the idea that the possessor of a natural alexandrite would only have good luck. Due to these myths and legends, the interest for alexandrite jewelry grew.

But it also led to the creation of many forgeries. There are special high-tech laboratories in Russia. These labs create the best-made imitations of natural alexandrite. The jewels made with artificial alexandrite are less expensive. And anyone can buy it.

How to know if Alexandrite is real?

There are ways to verify the authenticity of a natural alexandrite. But it is better if one lets a competent gemologist do this job. He will not scratch or deteriorate the reflective surface of the gemstone (as a client should, to determine whether it is natural or not).

The gemstone will be analyzed under magnification. The analysis verifies certain patterns, inclusions, black spots, and color. And this process will only take a few minutes. This way you can avoid buying a fake alexandrite (like chrysoberyl ) at the price of a natural one.

When buying such a gift for your girlfriend or wife, please take the time to consider the qualities of alexandrite jewelry.

Just imagine and see how irresistible the idea of having a rare and valuable jewel on the hand or neck of your loved one is. A perfect jewel is certainly the way to make a perfect gift.

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